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I love being a hairstylist! My career has been fulfilling in so many ways, I get to be creative while cultivating close relationships with my clients. As a veteran hairstylist, I started noticing that as my clients (and I) started getting older our hair was getting dull. I also was in the hunt for something to keep my client's hair from getting brassy in between color appointments. One day I noticed that white film on my shower door and I realized minerals are the culprit to dull, brassy weighed down hair and I began my quest for a solution. I started by finding a chemist who knew how to formulate what I learned is called a chelator or as I like to say a “mineral magnet”, it’s an ingredient that will draw minerals to it while keeping all the color right where it is, in fact after taking out the minerals your hair color will be brighter and shinier than ever!

Next, how was I going to fund my passion project?!? Well, I was driving a rather expensive sports car at the time and decided to trade it for a Fiat electric (which I have never regretted) Now it was game on! I had a delightful experience creating the packaging, going back and forth with the scents and moisture levels. During the process, I realized it needed to be a three-step process in order for your hair to look and feel it’s healthiest, shiniest, most voluminous.

The end result: Frequency.

Step 1: Reveal (the mineral magnet).

Step 2: Cleanse (a luxurious moisture cleanser).

Step 3: Nourish (a super-rich ultra moisturizing mask, with a fresh clean hint of grapefruit scent).

It has been a long journey and I couldn’t be prouder!

Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing from you. I am always available to answer any questions you may have and am open to your feedback.


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